Industrial flooring renovation

Industrial flooring renovation offers a cheaper, less invasive and more environmentally-conscious alternative to a new concrete floor.

When a floor has suffered extensive surface damage, or the building is being updated for a change of use, an industrial flooring renovation gives a new lease of life to the floor, and can help to transform the whole building.

Our industrial flooring renovation services include:

  • Surface removal and replacement. We can remove the top layer of damaged concrete, and replace it with fresh concrete, carefully specified to meet the needs of the building.
  • Wet-on-wet surface hardener application. This applies a hard coating to the floor and evens out areas of damage. This also adds impact and abrasion resistance to minimise future damage and extend the life of the floor.
  • Terrazzo flooring. This adds a stylish, durable layer to the top surface of the floor, ideal for heavy-duty pedestrian areas (eg, exhibition halls and retail malls).
  • Floor polishing. We use DRT systems to restore and preserve the floor’s surface shine.
  • Synthetic coating. There is often a possibility to consider a complete renovation of old concrete floors with synthetic coatings.Depending on the activity of the building, we can offer the application of various RINOL systems developped by our sister Company ( )The main systems used in concrete floor repair are:
  • RINOL SEALING (anti dust for pedestrian traffic)
  • RINOL STANDARD (medium industrial traffic)
  • RINOL ALLROUNDER (intense industrial use)
  • RINOL QCR (hygienic and super resistant coating in dry areas)
  • RINOLCRETE (ultra resistant for agro, food & beverages) in wet environment
  • RINOL MORTAR (heavy duty traffic)
  • RINOL COMFORT (noise reducer for pedestrianm traffic and great design)

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